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Vision and method

Is what Lien Doi does a drop in the ocean? We do not think so. We are convinced of the usefulness of our work, the value of practical solidarity with people less fortunate than ourselves. We try to do only what we can handle and over the years that turns out to be a lot!

We find it important that there are direct and short lines of communication with the implementers in Vietnam, that there is clear project financing and that the people for whom the project is intended also contribute themselves in the form of money or labour. No money is wasted; there are virtually no overheads.

Every successful project means that a village community functions better, that a group of women can earn an income, that a class of children can learn under favourable conditions, that a student can make a meaningful contribution to his or her village after completing his or her studies, or that parents can work in the certainty that their young children are responsibly cared for. We see that in addition to direct outcomes, there is also a more general effect. Positive experiences and the feeling of being ‘seen’ give people self-confidence, strengthen cohesion in a community, bring hope for the future.

Every new project proposed by our people in Vietnam is screened for feasibility. We check whether the request is widely supported in the community, whether there are existing financing possibilities, what contribution people themselves can make in the form of money and labour. Clear agreements are made about accountability and monitoring of the work, also after the project ends.

Good contacts have been established in Vietnam, with people we can rely on.