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About us

The activities of the foundation are organized by volunteers, 8 in the Netherlands and 3 in Vietnam. The current daily board consists of Roy Kraaijenoord (chairman) Annemiek Doumen (secretary) and Marco Ahsmann (treasurer).

The communication between the board and the Vietnamese staff is mainly through email, sometimes there is a video call. Fortunately, we have a volunteer here in the Netherlands with a Vietnamese background, who plays an important role in the contacts with our people in Vietnam. In recent years we have noticed that English as a language for mutual communication is also becoming more and more possible.

Besides the volunteers mentioned above, Lien Doi has several hundred regular donors, who sponsor a school-going child, transfer a periodic gift or give a financial contribution for certain purposes. It is wonderful that so many people have a warm heart for our work. Nevertheless we are constantly looking for new people who want to support our work with a financial contribution. Lien Doi has good contacts with several funds that can be approached for co-financing specific projects. Obviously we are delighted by this.

Every four years, a delegation from the Netherlands goes to Vietnam to visit projects, maintain personal contacts, discuss policy matters and dot the i’s and cross the t’s in cooperation. This visit is a highlight for all of us, providing new inspiration. Naturally, the Dutch volunteers travel at their own expense. Lien Doi volunteers in Vietnam receive an expense allowance for their work.